The Stories

Bill (’77) and Carol (’77, MAED ’84) Russ

I pledged Thymes Society during the 1974 spring of my freshman year. One of our first projects was to prepare items for a fall fundraiser crafts sale. I sewed and worked on items during the summer. At the craft sale, I was working the table when fellow freshman Bill Russ came to shop. (He and I had met briefly in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library when he had stopped by the table where I was studying with a friends group). Bill was interested in purchasing a black and gold decorated WFU coin bank, but he had no money with him. So, he gave me an IOU and promised to bring money to my dorm. On Saturday, Bill came looking for me. The girls on my hall told him that my roommate, Susan Chandler, and I had gone to Reynolda Gardens to study. We had taken blankets and books to read for several hours. Since we were quite a distance away in The Gardens, Bill decided to come looking for us on his bicycle. Eventually, he found us under a tree. The three of us talked awhile, then Susan decided to head back to the dorm since we had been studying for a long time and Bill had come to look for me. Bill and I continued to talk for awhile longer. Then, he offered me a ride back to campus … on the handle bars of his bicycle! We put my books into the basket, perched me on the handle bars, and AWAY WE WENT, laughing and having fun! I earnestly beseeched him not to drop me and he promised to be careful. But … after a few minutes, he teased me about being heavy, all that weight on his handle bars was making it hard to steer. Then … he asked me to go to a movie with him that night and told me he WOULD drop me if I said no! In later years, he teasingly told people that he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse! We did go to dinner and a movie that night, but neither of us can remember which one! We dated for three student years, became best friends, and were married at our college church., Old Town Baptist, in August, 1977 three months after graduation. Our grades improved during these student years as we adjusted to the upgraded rigors of college academics and we spent countless hours together studying in the library. Our wedding attendants included five WFU friends: Bill’s roommate, Dr. Cecil Price (campus doctor for many years), Alisa Boyette Ortman, Ann Brown Slater, Susan Chandler Cole, and Maria Agnello.

All those hours of study together in the library yielded very positive results in our grades and one humorous story. The only course we took together during those three years of college dating was “Meaning and Value in Western Thought from the Time of Christ to the Present Day”. It was co-taught by good friends Ors. Helm and Angell and satisfied either a religion or a philosophy requirement. Bill had an excellent memory and took rather cursory notes, while I was a detail person with a weaker memory and had to write down EVERYTHING (usually still writing five minutes after class ended!). Bill and I spent THREE DAYS together studying for that final exam, reviewing every word of textbook and our notes again and again, asking each other questions, etc. Ors. Helm and Angell had suffered many student complaints about their very picky ID questions and in a course graded on a 5 – S – 10 – 10 scale, an 89 was a horrifying C if one missed 2 of those picky ID’s, despite stellar essays. The professors decided to honor student complaints and presented our class with ONLY ONE ESSAY QUESTION: “Summarize the history of meaning and value from the time of Christ to the present day.” It was, essentially, summarize the course … 2000 years of religion and philosophy! Groans arose from the 100 students in our class in DeTamble Auditorium! Bill decided to keep it short and sweet, wrote for two hours, then was the FIRST student of 100 out the door. I wrote for S hours, filling two blue books, packing in every detail I could recall and finally finished, totally exhausted, after five hours. I was the LAST student finished of those 100! When Bill and I went to check the posted grades … we each had made a 95 … and grades were evenly distributed with A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s. Our very different thinking and work styles continue today … but we are still IN LOVE and best friends!

Daniel (’12) and Katy (’12) Marrs

Daniel ('12) and Katy ('12) MarrsDuring my Junior fall (2010), I went into Dr. Bridges’ marketing class and saw my teammate, Michelle Lange, so I sat next to her. A baseball player that I did not know was sitting on the side of Michelle as he knew her from Student Athletic Committee (S.A.C.). When we had to get into groups of 3, a guy I knew from other projects asked me to be in their group, and I agreed. Unbeknownst to me, Daniel urged Michelle to convince me to be in their group. I was easily convinced. These group projects were very robust so the three of us spent a lot of time together. Long hours on a school project would normally have not been fun, but Daniel and I never minded the time spent working on that class. We realized that we worked really well together and as time wore on, we began to hang out a bit outside of our group projects. By the start of the spring semester, we were dating. I went on to work on many successful group projects with Michelle and Daniel. Fast forward a few years, and Daniel and I got married in April 2016!

Katy Swain Marrs, Class of 2012

Matthew (’11) and Hardin (’12) Warren

Matthew ('11) and Hardin ('12) Warren#DeacsinLove: Hardin Patrick (’12) married Matthew Warren (’11) in September 2016 in Clarksville, Tenn. They met while undergraduate students and are #Deacsinlove. The wedding party included several Wake Forest University alumni: Sydney Bailey (’12), Megan Bosworth (’12), Chris Cheesman (’11, MA ’12), Megan Donovan (’12), Danielle Gallant (’13), Emma Hart (’12), Freida Hirsch (’12), Mika Ike (’12), Sarah Josey (’12), Mark Olberberding (’11) and Jimmy Tapp (’11, MSA ’12). The newlyweds live in Atlanta with their two English cocker spaniels, Winston and Salem.

Aimee Kahn and David Kahn (’05)

Aimee Kahn and David Kahn ('05)Aimee Kahn and David Kahn are #DeacsinLove. “I am not an official Demon Deacon but married one,” writes Aimee. “We have two pup Deacons (one rocked Deacon gear in our wedding, which also happened to be gold and black-themed), and now a baby Deacon!”

Eliza (’10) and Spencer (’10) Cuddy

Eliza Hill and Spencer Cuddy (both class of 2010) were married on October 22, 2016 in the bride’s hometown of Short Hills, NJ. Bridesmaids included Kathleen Pritchard (2010) and Priyanka Desai (2010) and groomsmen included Brady Newman (class of 2011), Evan Bergelt (2010), Tyler Blot (2010) and best man Eric Bader (2010).

Key (’01) and DeeDee (’02) Smith

Key ('01) and DeeDee ('02) SmithMy husband, Keyshorn Smith (’01) and I met my freshman year at Wake. For me, it was really love at first sight. But I had to work on Key a little. We were always friends throughout college, but lost touch when he graduated. But at the end of my first year of law school, I couldn’t stop wondering where he was and how he was doing. So I got on WIN and looked him up. I found his email address and sent him an email not thinking he’d even get it. But a few minutes later, he wrote me back!!  We started talking again every single day and after I graduated from law school, I moved to Charlotte which is where he was at the time. 5 months later, we were an official couple, 9 months after that, we were engaged and a year later we got married at Wait Chapel where it all began!  I love how Wake Forest gave us the opportunity to meet AND reunite after time apart from each other.

Thanks for letting me share our story!

Diedre Washington Smith, Class of 2002

Jack (’53) and Lou (’54) Overman

My wife and I will celebrate our 60th anniversary on the 22nd of December 2015.  We met in a class taught by Dr  Bradus Bradbery in 1953 on the old campus.

Jack and Lou Overman Class of 1953 and 1954.

Mark (’80, P ’14) and Dorothy (’80, MAED ’82, P ’14) Adcock

Mark ('80, P '14) and Dorothy ('80, MAED '82, P '14) Adcock Mark and I both entered Wake Forest in the Fall of 1976 and graduated in Spring of 1980. However, we didn’t meet until Preschool Conference at the beginning of our Sophomore year, even though, apparently, he had made regular tracks during our Freshmen year to visit the girls just below me in Bostwick Basement B.

After that initial encounter at Preschool Conference, we ran into each other fairly regularly in the Pit and among mutual friends in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

One afternoon in January while I was standing on the bridge in Reynolda Gardens actually praying about my dating life, Mark stopped to talk with me while he was on a run. After he walked me back to my dorm, we both began to develop some serious thoughts about dating.

I planned a Valentine’s Dance as Activities Coordinator for InterVaristy Christian Fellowship, and hoped for Mark to ask me to the dance. As the time approached and there was no indication of an invitation, my suitemate Tina Vogel, who was dating Jeff Saffret, a suitemate of Mark’s, agreed to get Jeff to coax Mark into inviting me to the dance. During that dance on February 3, 1978, in the Magnolia Room, as we moved effortlessly across the dance floor, our love was ignited and has now lasted more than 35 years. We dated the remaining two and a half years of our time at Wake Forest, and married a year later while Mark was attending UNC-Chapel Hill Law School and I was completing my Masters in Counseling at WFU.
Dorothy Rogers Adcock and Mark Adcock, Class of 1980

Tim (MBA ’82) and Kim (’81) Stump

Tim (MBA '82) and Kim ('81) Stump In the early 80s, Friday afternoon happy hour at Simo’s was an institution. And on Friday, February 13th, 1981 I was there as usual with some friends. Across the way I recognized a Babcock student I knew. I worked my way across the room to say hi. He introduced me to a large circle of guys and when he got to a cute blond with blue eyes I perked up. He’s cute, I thought. I could date him!

I filed his name away and drifted back to my undergrad crowd. Later that night was a school-wide Valentine’s concert that I attended with some girlfriends. When we arrived, who should be on stage hanging out with the band, Janice, but the blue-eyed guy from Simo’s. Cute and fun! I could definitely date him! I thought. But unfortunately, we didn’t run into each other that night.

Wednesday night of the next week found me dancing away at another institution of WFU life in the 80s, TOG. Up walked the cute guy. “Hello, Kim Love,” he said. Just from the tone of his voice I could tell he had not remembered my name from Friday’s introduction. But I took comfort in the fact that he was at least interested enough to ask someone then come over and speak.

“Hello, Tim Stump,” I replied. I, the world’s worst name rememberer ever, had not forgotten anything about him at all.

We closed TOG down that night — slow dancing to the always last song in those days, Goodnight, My Love.

Our first official date followed on Saturday, February 28th and our wedding sixteen months later on June 5, 1982. Tim’s still cute and fun (at least to me!) and after 35 years we often say we’re still on our first date – because it feels that way!

Thanks for the opportunity to share!!

Kimberly Love Stump, Class of 1981

Brant (’94, JD ’97) and Tammi (’94) Hellwig

Brant ('94, JD '97) and Tammi ('94) HellwigWe met our freshman year at Wake and did the friend thing for over a year. We started dating in 1992 with a trip to TJ’s deli and a rafting excursion on the New River Gorge with Paul Celi (’94). We married in 1997 and have 2 daughters, 13 and 14. We do our best to break loose and try to relive some college days every once in awhile- or at least not forget those great times. Thank you Wake for our wonderful family!

Tammi Jelovchan Hellwig, Class of 1994

John (’87, JD ’90) and Mona (’87) Flynn

John (’87, JD ’90) and Mona (’87) Flynn John Flynn and Mona Hilbawi married Aug 13, 1989 at 3:00 pm in Wait Chapel, Ed Christman married us!!! My father was not well and our back up plan was that Dean Hamilton would ” give me away.” Dean Hamilton introduced us and chose us to be the student representatives on the Woodrow Wilson Fellows Committee. It was Dean Hamilton’s first year at WFU. In addition to his role as dean, he led the new Russian Dept. John had decided to minor in Russian. I helped found the International Club, became the first president, and we asked Dean Hamilton to be our club advisor. We celebrated our 25 year anniversary in 2014, and went to Russia – John went on a WFU sponsored trip while at Wake and was eager to go again. It was nice for Mona to see Russia through his memory of that trip.
John graduated from WFU law school, is a partner at Carruthers & Roth, PA, in Greensboro, and teaches at Elon Law School where he started the Small Business clinic. Mona was a Health & Sport Science major at WFU with a masters in Exercise Science from James Madison University. She owns LifeFit, Inc., a yoga therapy and Pilates company, and is co- owner of the Institute of Integrated Yoga Therapy, where she certifies yoga teachers and yoga therapists.

Mona Hilbawi Flynn, Class of 1987

J.L. (’53) and Clara Ellen (’53) Peeler

In the fall of 1952, my senior year at Wake Forest, I was taking an art appreciation course that was taught by Professor Aycock. Several of us would go to Shorty’s to eat lunch after class. J.L. Peeler was in the group, but we were not at all interested in each other. We were so different! I was traveling with the debate team, and he was number one (president) of his fraternity. We have been married 62 years, have five children and fourteen grandchildren. The old campus is a special place to us.

Clara Ellen Francis Peeler, Class of 1953

Donté (’08) and Terri (’07) McGuire

Donté ('08) and Terri ('07) McGuire Our love story started at Wake Forest and 8 years later, we’re still going! #DeacsInLove. 

Terri Young McGuire, Class of 2007

Marc (’47, MD ’51, P ’74, P ’76, P ’78 MD, P ’80, P ’81 MD) and Sally (’48, P ’74, P ’76, P ’78 MD, P ’80, P ’81 MD) Gulley

Marc (’47, MD ’51, P ’74, P ’76, P ’78 MD, P ’80, P ’81 MD) and Sally (’48, P ’74, P ’76, P ’78 MD, P ’80, P ’81 MD) Gulley –My brother introduced us while he and Marc were at Mars Hill College. (I was fourteen.)  After his service in the Air Force, WWII, he came to Wake Forest College.  I came a year later. We were here together only one year. I graduated from WF  (on the old campus) in May, 1948.  Marc graduated from WF (old campus) in August, 1947.  He started at Bowman Gray School of Medicine soon afterwards.  I started teaching school in Winston-Salem in the fall of 1948.  We were married in 1948 after his sophomore year.  There was a polio epidemic that summer so school was postponed for several weeks. We spent five years in Philadelphia and came back to WS with two little boys.  We moved into the Faculty apartments…had a little girl and twins while we lived there.  Marc worked 55 years in Department of Psychiatry…and four more years at the homeless shelter, Samaritan Inn.

We have six children, thirteen grandchildren, two great grandchildren.  We have had season tickets for 60 plus years to all the home games – football and basketball.  We attend Wake Forest Baptist Church, which we love. We love all things Wake Forest!  We currently live at Salemtowne Retirement Community with a great many Wake Forest people.

Sally Hudson Gulley, Class of 1948

Randy (’86) and Linda (’86) Clipp

Randy ('86) and Linda ('86) Clipp1987: An Unforgettable HomecomingAs Intermediate Education majors, Randy and Linda were assigned to the same school for student teaching their senior years at Wake Forest in the fall of 1985. They became good friends carpooling from campus to Sherwood Forest Elementary every day. Both avid runners, they would work off their stress after school by running around campus and through the trails of nearby Reynolda Gardens. The wooded trails and colorful flowers provided a sweet release from the exhausting grind of teaching. At this point in their journey, they were close, but just good friends- nothing romantic had yet developed.

After graduating from Mother So Dear in 1986, they both decided to go to seminary. Both were Southern Baptists, and each was feeling a tug from God to learn more and go deeper in their faith. It turns out that each was being called into Christian service. Linda had a passion for nurturing the faith of preschoolers and began work on a Master of Arts degree in Christian Education at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Randy also chose Southern Seminary to pursue a Master of Divinity degree where his grandfather, Dr. Cornell Goerner, had served as a professor of missions. At seminary they first dated other people, but by March of their first year in Louisville a more romantic love began to blossom between the two. After Linda worked at Ridgecrest Conference Center in NC and Randy worked at Centrifuge Youth Camp in TN over the summer, they returned to Louisville and their commitment grew to a deeper level. Randy secretly bought a diamond and knew exactly where he wanted to propose.

It was Nov. 6, 1987, Homecoming Weekend at Wake Forest. After driving nine hours from Louisville, the couple planned to take a crazy, late night run along their favorite running trail in Reynolda Gardens. It was nearly midnight on Friday night and a brisk 35 degrees. The night was clear, and the stars were shining. Relieved to finally get out of the car, they began to run through their old familiar route. It felt invigorating to breathe in that cold, Wake Forest air. Running with Linda back towards the campus, Randy paused on the stone bridge of Lake Katherine. He pulled out a small box. He said, “Wait, I have something I want to give you.” Linda saw the diamond ring and began to cry. Under a bright, full moon, Randy said, “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?”

Randy and Linda were married in Linda’s home church in Asheville, NC on May 28, 1988. They finished their seminary educations and moved to North Carolina where Randy became  a pastor first in Roanoke Rapids, then in Concord. Son David was born in 1991, and daughter Grace was born in 1993. Linda has served as an elementary school teacher for over twenty years. The Clipp family moved to Richmond, VA in 2001, where Rev. Dr. Randy Clipp has served for 15 years as pastor of Monument Heights Baptist Church. And throughout their nearly 28 years of marriage, Wake Forest has been a source of joy and fellowship. A proud member of the Deacon Club, Randy has season football tickets and still drives four hours one way just to see the Deacons play. The entire family flew to Miami to attend the Orange Bowl game in 2007. They are all Deacon fans.

Every step along the journey of their marriage has not been easy. Last year, Linda was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Stage 3 breast cancer. Following surgery she endured six rounds of chemotherapy and 33 rounds of radiation while still teaching first grade at Fair Oaks Elementary, full-time. She lost her hair, but not her smile. She fought cancer courageously with her family by her side, and today there is no sign of cancer in her body.

Linda and Randy look forward to sharing the next 28 years of life together (and more), finding strength from God and from each other for whatever lies ahead. And whenever they set foot on campus, the sights, the sounds, and the smells bring back the rush of feelings and memories that are Wake Forest University. It is Homecoming once more.

Randy C. Clipp, Class of 1986

John (’04) and D’Ann (’04) Lettieri

John (’04) and D’Ann (’04) Lettieri – We met during orientation in the fall of 2000 and found out we lived three doors down from each other in Johnson. Our first conversation in the third floor Johnson lounge lasted until 5am, and John told me he was going to marry me at the end of it. We didn’t begin dating until a year later, but we dated until we married in August 2007. We came back to Winston-Salem to get married – and actually held our rehearsal dinner at Graylyn and our wedding reception in the Magnolia Room.

D’Ann Grady Lettieri, Class of 2004

Brent (’00) and Megan (’00) Cann

Brent ('00) and Megan ('00) CannBrent and I met during “preschool” at WFU in 1996! We started dating a month later! He was a big brother in DDD, and I was a little sister for Sigma Nu! We got married shortly after we graduated and now have 2 lovely little ladies! We celebrated our 15th anniversary and have been together for 20 years! We are blessed with so many great memories of friends and fun times at WFU, and we are thankful to maintain many of those cherished friendships today!

Megan Eaton Cann, Class of 2000

Stuart (’85) and Kim (’86, JD ’94) Stogner

On a mild February evening thirty-two years ago, Kim Helmintoller and I celebrated our first Valentine’s Day together, belatedly. With three months behind us as a couple, I was confronted by the fact that Kim’s affections had not risen so high as to deter her from academic duty, namely preparing for the economics exam her dim professor had scheduled for the day after Valentine’s. Was my standing with Kim in jeopardy? Desperate times call for desperate measures, so the day following her exam, an unskilled musician who can scarcely carry a tune stood beneath his sweetheart’s second story window at Babcock dorm, took a deep breath, and serenaded her to his clunky composition.

You are my Kimbo, my only Kimbo
You make me happy when skies are gray.
You’ll never know Kim, how much I love you,
Please don’t take my Kimbo away.

Oh, Kimmy Sue, what can I do?
I only want to be with you.
Your test in Econ, has left me lonely,
Now I can only sing the blues.

You are my Kimbo, my only Kimbo
You make me happy when skies are gray.
You’ll never know Kim, how much I love you,
Please don’t take my Kimbo away.

Having to wait to see you on Thursday
Nearly broke this heart of mine.
Now that I’m with you, I can’t wait to say
“Will you be my Valentine?”

You are my Kimbo, my only Kimbo
You make me happy when skies are gray.
You’ll never know Kim, how much I love you,
Please don’t take my Kimbo away.

It worked. Still my sunshine. Lucky me.

Stuart Stogner, Class of 1985

Fred (’67, JD ’69, P ’92) and Susan (’67, P ’92) Williams

Fred ('67, JD '69, P '92) and Susan ('67, P '92) WilliamsMy husband (Walter Frederick Williams, Jr.) and I (Susan Monroe Williams) are both members of the class of 67. In addition, Fred has a JD from WFU in 69 and we are parents of a Wake grad (92). We were married in 1966 while juniors at WFU. This year we will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary with a party which will be attended by 4 of my WFU classmates and their spouses as well as relatives some of whom are also Wake grads.  In addition, my father in law Walter Frederick Williams graduated from the old campus in 1937 and also Wake law school. He passed away this year at age 99 years and 11 months after endowing a chair and scholarships at the law school. We now live in Nashville and will be unable to attend the festivities associated with this contest but wanted to send a picture of us at our wedding for the website.

Susan Monroe Williams, Class of 1967

Allan (’88) and Laurie (’88) Crookenden

Allan ('88) and Laurie ('88) CrookendenAllan and I both graduated from WFU in 1988, but we did not actually meet AT WFU. We knew some of the same people at Wake and Allan even dated 2 of the women I roomed with, yet I did not meet him until AFTER I had graduated. We met at a mutal friends’ wedding in FL (they are actually fellow “Deacs in Love”). We have been married for 26 years and have 2 great kids, Alexandra is married, Collin is engaged and in law school.  So we do not have shared memories of WFU, but God surely used Wake to bring us together!

Laurie Johansen Crookenden, Class of 1988

Adam (’96) and Ashley (’97) Sellner

Adam (’96) and Ashley (’97) Sellner I don’t always have the best memory. In fact, I often get made fun of by my family at just how little I remember. But I do remember my first date with Ashley Berry. It started with the “ask” on a beautiful sunny spring day on the quad. With nerves and excitement I approached her. We had been around each other a bit and I knew I wanted to get to know her more, yet even so I was anxious. I asked. Her bright beautiful face lit up; it was a yes. We set the date: March 31st (my birthday unbeknownst to her). I’d pick her up for lunch.

Of the details of the date I only remember snapshots: going to Rainbow News and Cafe, milling around the book shop first, eating upstairs. But the feeling I’ll never forget. It was a feeling of butterflies, not from nerves, but from joy. The ease of conversation brought delight to my heart. But it was more than just delight it was satisfaction; it was rest. Before we knew it we’d talked right through Ashley’s next class. It was a magical birthday and the start of a lifetime together.

I’m thankful for the role that WFU played in our courtship. There are many other snapshots I remember from our time at Wake: dancing in Davis Field, first kiss on the disco couch in Kitchin Dorm, meals in the Magnolia Room, sharing Ben & Jerry pints from the Sundry store, lying around in Reynolda Gardens studying. Mother so dear will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Mostly though, I’m grateful that by God’s grace, after 22 years, I still get the same butterflies of that first date.

Adam Sellner, Class of 1996

John (’72, JD ’77) and Patty Stone (’74)

John (’72, JD ’77) and Patty Stone (’74)

Met in Dec 1969. I was at RJR High School and had a blind date with one of John’s fraternity brothers. John saw me and asked his Fraternity Brother’s permission to ask me out. He did, I went ….had fun….but carried through on my plans to go to college in Columbia, MO

I LOVED Stephens College but I guess I loved John more. I transferred to WFU after completing my freshmen year. John graduated in 1972 We got married after my junior year May 26, 1973. I completed my senior year at Bowman Gray School of Medicine in the Medical Technology Program. I graduated in 1974 and John began Law School at WFU that fall. So the first four years of our marriage, one of us was a student at WFU. I have been at WFUBMC as long as I have been married!! And we have been loyal Deacon Fans (sports and all things) ever since!! PROUD TO BE 2 DEACONS !

Patty Hughes Stone, Class of 1974

Carter (’85) and Jennie (’85) Lane

Carter (’85) and Jennie (’85) LaneMy husband, Carter, and I met fall semester freshman year in a physical education class. We got to know each other much better when we both worked the graveyard shift for Public Safety. He provided dorm security and I was a dispatcher. We started dating after graduation in 1985, we got married in 1988. He was in ROTC and served 9 years active duty. We have had the good fortune to live in NC, GA, Germany, FL, and Switzerland during our 27 years together. The wedding dress I am wearing was borrowed from a fellow Deacon Kimberly Miller Gaal who was married to another fellow Deacon John Gaal five days after graduation in 1985.

Jennie Jaffe Lane, Class of 1985

Ames  (’86, MBA ’88) and Jennifer Flynn (’86, JD ’89)

We did not meet until our senior year when I was an RA in then New Dorm and Ames was the Assistant Hall Director. The prior spring I was encouraged to apply by someone on RL&H staff since it was something I was not considering. He was my boss! Meant to be!! Our first date was a Kool and the Gang concert at the Greensboro Coliseum. The rest is history! We stayed at Wake for grad school, Ames at Babcock MBA and me at the law school. We married in 1989 and it has been a blessed almost 27
years and we have 2 wonderful children.

Jennifer Baucom Flynn, Class of 1986

Patrick (’08) and Sarah (’09) Eulitt

Patrick ('08) and Sarah ('09) EulittMy wife, Sarah Eulitt (’09) and I (’08) met at Wake Forest in the fall of 2005. After a long courtship, we married in 2011 and are now proud parents! We named our daughter Caroline (’37) because we met and fell and in love in Carolina. Our first picture ever taken together and a recent picture of our Wake Forest family is attached.

Go Deacs!
Patrick Eulitt, Class of 2008

Richard (’66) and Diana (’67) Brantley

Richard ('66) and Diana ('67) BrantleyWe are Diana (Rozier) Brantley ’67 and Richard Brantley ’66 at our wedding in January 1967 and many years later. After graduate school in New Jersey, we moved to Gainesville, Florida in 1969, where we raised a family of two daughters and had parallel careers in high school and university teaching. Now we also come back to NC in the summers to our cabin in the mountains. We look forward to our 50th anniversary next January.

Diana Rozier Brantley, Class of 1967

Chester (’68) and Susan (’70) David

Chester ('68) and Susan ('70) DavidWow, 47 years of marriage is hard to spit out of my mouth. Most other folks who have been married around 50 years were old when I was growing up. “Deacons in Love” gave us an opportunity to look back at our beginnings and to celebrate falling in love the first time. That’s always a good thing. We met around the first of September in 1967, having just come back to school from our summer vacation. I was a senior and Susan a sophomore. My suite mate asked me if I had a date to the football game that weekend. No, I hadn’t thought about it, but this was a big event. It was the first and only double-header, big 4 football game ever played in Raleigh between WF vs NCSU and UNC vs Duke. So Susan and I met in the back seat of a Ford Fairlane on a triple date to a double-header game. The trouble was that I was dating Holly and Susan was with Chip. I don’t remember a thing about the game, and not much about Holly, but I do recall catching Susan’s eye often throughout this day, and the rest is history.

My senior year saw many victories at Wake Forest. I had met the girl of my dreams. She was everything I wanted in life. I was a B or C student, getting by the best I could. Susan never made below an A in anything. That fall semester I had to spend almost all of my free time in the Reserve book room of the Library with Susan. For the first time in my life I made the Dean’s List. Every Thursday night we “dated” to the Magnolia Room, where there was an all-you-can-eat buffet.

However we had another victory that year. It was then that Wake Forest finally allowed dancing on campus. Yes, for three years beforehand we demonstrated against this policy. All dances were held in the “barn” in Reynolda Village, and on-campus concerts were subdued with our having to stand and listen to such groups as Peter, Paul and Mary and the Kingston Trio. While the rest of college campuses all over America were demonstrating against the Vietnam War, we at Wake were focused on being able to dance on campus. Does anyone remember the Phantom? He was a suite mate of mine who appeared on top of buildings at various venues in 1964-5, standing on rooftops over the crowd of people to protest our no-dancing policy.

Susan and I must have danced that year we met. Even though I’ve given up dancing a long time ago, in some ways we still continue.

Chester David, Class of 1968

John (’07, JD ’16) and Jessica (’07) Sanders

John ('07, JD '16) and Jessica ('07) SandersJohn and I met the first day of our Freshman year at Wake. We both were working for the football team videotaping practices. {Which, I must note, was a great work-study job for John who had played football for years and knew exactly what would be helpful to the Deacs. I, on the other hand, knew nothing about football, had never white-balanced in my life and was scared to death of “The Lift”. Let’s just hope that the frustration Coach Grobe’s staff felt when they saw blue turf on my film was quickly dispelled when the team’s trick plays completely faked me out and it took 30 seconds for me to locate the football.} We got to know each other very well over the years during those practices – spending hours each week talking and laughing on the Miller Center balcony from which we filmed. Often laughing so hard that assistant coaches would have to yell up to the balcony for us to keep it down.

We were an unlikely pair up on there. A wickedly smart, southern boy from upstate South Carolina and an Army brat just trying to make it through Calloway {back before Farrell, you lucky millennials!}. We talked about our families, politics, religion, relationships and even tucker hats {this was the era of Paris Hilton and trucker hats were seen all over campus and especially at themed fraternity parties}. We stayed “just friends” for three years.

Our antics at practice proved to be just what the Deacons needed and we were headed to the Orange Bowl during Christmas Break our senior year! John and I had started casually dating that fall and jumped at the chance to head to Miami. Our first night in South Beach we made it official – even calling our friends and telling them that we would get married someday. They thought it was just the mojitos talking but we knew better.

After graduation, John and I moved to Charlotte and joined the Deacon Club – attending almost every single football game and many basketball games. We married in 2010 and moved back to Winston-Salem in 2013 for John to attend Wake Forest School of Law from which he will graduate this May.

Jessica Prescott-Lunt Sanders, Class of 2007

Tom Blalock (’86) and MP Forrester (’89)

Tom Blalock ('86) and MP Forrester ('89)Coincidence or Fate?

We went to the same small university at the same time and attended many of the same events. I was friends with and dated members of your fraternity. You dated a fellow theatre major who was a friend of mine for 2 years. We were at the same formals. We moved in different circles, but had numerous mutual friends. When we went to my college reunion, we reunited with as many friends of yours as we did mine.

You attended and saw many of the shows I was performing in while in college because you dated a fellow theatre friend of mine who stage-managed the shows. I saw your performances in Jazz Band (since the music instructors required us to expand our horizons) and in the Marching Band (at football and basketball games.)

My two sisters and two brother-in-laws were also at the same university at the same time we were. One sister and one brother-in-law graduated with you. Your cousin was in the same fraternity as one of my brother-in-laws and graduated with me. Yet, not one of us personally knew you when we were there.

I moved to Northern VA/DC for a job on May 4, 2007. You moved here for a job on May 4, 2008. You used to jog/run through my neighborhood that year – when you lived close by in Shirlington and Park Fairfax. Yet still, I never met you. We met – via a Facebook friend recommendation – the first week of May 2009. After some emails and phone calls, we went on our first date on June 18, 2009. This was your parents’ wedding anniversary (but I did not know that at the time.) I knew the first night I met you that we would be together for a very long time…

Your family accepted me immediately as one of them. My protective big sister gave you the 3rd degree – and you passed. (Most do not.) My father, who never thought any man was good enough for his “baby girl”, accepted you and gave his verbal approval within 30 minutes of meeting you. My mother, even more discerning than my father about the men I’ve dated, answered – without hesitation – that, yes, she liked you when asked by a colleague. My Aunt – well, you had her at, “hello”.

Are all these things coincidence? I think not. I think these are signs that you and I were meant to be together — just not back then. We are meant to be together now…and we are meant to grow old together.

I love you, My Dearest Thomas…

The day you chose to give me an engagement ring – 05/23/2011 – was a date you specifically selected because it had NO significance. You thought I could no longer say it was FATE that we met. Despite this, I still believe it is fate. God intended for us to be together – He meant for us to be together NOW – just not back then. Remember, there is a reason for everything, and things always happen in HIS time, not ours . . . we married the last weekend in May of 2012. The last week of May seems to have great significance now, doesn’t it? No – it wasn’t random Thomas. It was fate.

The longer we are together, the more signs I am shown. We are in the eyes and words of God “equally yoked” and we meant to grow old together.

Mary “MP” Paige Forrester, Class of 1989

Steve Andersen (’04) and Lauren Edwards Andersen (’04)

Steve Andersen ('04) and Lauren Edwards Andersen ('04)We met in 1999 during our freshman year because I needed a ride home to Maryland. We dated very briefly but lost touch after freshman year. After graduating Wake in 2004, we didn’t meet up again until 2006, when we were both living in Maryland and pursuing doctorate degrees. We married 6 years later, bought a house, adopted a dog, and are now expecting our first child.

Lauren Edwards Andersen, Class of 2004

John (’81, JD ’91, P ’16) and Catherine (’82, P ’16) Korzen

John (’81, JD ’91, P ’16) and Catherine (’82, P ’16) Korzen – John and I met in the summer of 1980, because Wake Forest friends thought we should. John and I had not even been on campus at the same time the previous school year. John had spent the fall of 1979 in Casa Artom on the WFU Venice program. I spent the spring of 1980 at the WFU Worrell house in London. Fortunately, we each met friends of the other–and two of those friends told John he really ought to meet me. So, that summer, John was working near my hometown, and decided to stop by my house. He did–and met my parents. I was still overseas. (My parents liked John and invited him to stay for dinner, even though he kept saying “I don’t really know Catherine.”) We finally did meet on July 29, 1980–and married July 30, 1983.

We had a wonderful two years as students on the Wake Forest campus together — working on the Old Gold and Black, performing in James Dodding’s first production of the Wake Forest Passion Play, and taking Provost Wilson’s classes together. Provost Wilson said Wordsworth should be read out loud. So John and I read Wordsworth to each other all over campus–from Reynolda Gardens to the elevator at Reynolda Hall (it was cold that day).

Wake continues to be an essential part of our story. We took our three daughters to Wake football games, our middle daughter Kim is a WFU senior, and John has taught at the Wake Forest Law School since 2003.

Catherine Frier Korzen, Class of 1982

Troy (’12) and Kirsten (’10) McCarty

Troy ('12) and Kirsten ('10) McCartyWe met during the fall of 2008 with the start of band camp. Kirsten played clarinet and Troy played saxophone. We started dating in February of 2009, and continued to share our love and support for the Deacs throughout our time at Wake Forest, participating in marching band, and pep band, as well as the national honorary service fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi, and other various organizations. We were engaged during the summer of 2010 while on vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC. Fast forward to September 22, 2012, we were married and officially began our life together as husband and wife. We were recently blessed with the birth of our son, Everett James McCarty, on November 5th, 2015. He brings us so much joy and will hopefully continue the legacy as a Wake Forest Demon Deacon!! We can never thank Wake Forest enough, not only for our amazing education and memories, but the many facets of our life now, such as our son. We can only hope that he can experience everything Wake has to offer.

Troy McCarty, Class of 2012

Matthew Pulley (MBA ’12) and Akshata Udiavar (MBA ’12)

Matthew Pulley (MBA '12) and Akshata Udiavar (MBA '12)Akshata and I would have never met were it not fated to happen. She had been accepted to another school and intended to go to, but things feel through last minute. I had declined my acceptance into Wake Forest’s MBA program and planned on applying to other schools in another year when I felt the call to leave Washington DC and be closer to family. Whatever the cause, we both arrived in Winston Salem in August of 2010.

We met for the first time at a welcome barbeque for incoming full time MBA students. We were literally worlds apart when we first met, as Akshata had just arrived from her hometown of Bangalore, India and I am a native North Carolinian. I was immediately struck by how beautiful and intelligent she was and made my introduction to her under the guise of helping the mostly vegetarian girl find food that she could eat at a pig pickin’.

When I did find the courage to finally ask her on a date some weeks later, however, she flatly refused. Akshata is ever a traditional girl, and had come to Wake Forest to excel academically and prove that she was worthy of the American education that she had fought so hard to earn her whole life, and a boyfriend just wasn’t part of her plan.

Fortunately for me, however, the crushing weight of business school academics meant late nights in the study room and long hours working on group projects. Little by little, Akshata and I began to rely on each other for nearly everything. Little rituals that we had always performed for ourselves such as shopping, cooking and washing dishes became a group effort for the sake of saving time and maximizing productivity. Before long, we began to rely on each other for everything. Partnership became friendship, and friendship became love.

As we grew closer to graduation, we began to wonder how we could go back to living individual lives after so long doing everything together. The solution was obvious: we never do! When Akshata’s parents arrived in the country for her graduation, I asked them for their blessings to marry her.

It took me three years to convince Akshata of what I had realized that very first day in front of the Worrell Professional Center, but it was worth every day! I thank God that the plans that we made for ourselves fell through in favor of the one that He made for us.

Matthew Pulley, MBA 2012

John (’85) and Kim (’85) Gaal

John ('85) and Kim ('85) Gaal Kim and I met on the quad in 1981 as freshmen and married a few days after we graduated in 1985. We are still truly two “Deacs in Love” as we celebrate Valentine’s Day with a quick trip to NYC this weekend. We are as much in love today as we were during those valuable few hours of “visitation” each week back in the day.

John Gaal, Class of 1985

Dave Grundies (’73) and Diane Schneider (’75)

Dave Grundies ('73) and Diane Schneider ('75)Dateline: February 27, 1996 San Diego Sports Bar
San Diego Alumni Club Basketball Game Watch Wake vs UNC

Captain Dave Grundies, USN (’73) was greeted by Dr. Diane Schneider (’75) saying, “Hi Goose, I remember you!” To which he replied, “Gawd, I wish I remembered you!!” We’ve now been happily married 18 years.

A great reason to go to your local alumni club events!

Oh, Wake won, too.

Deacs in Love New York City February 2016

Diane Schneider, Class of 1975

Bob (’66) and Jean (’66) Dostal

Bob (’66) and Jean (’66) DostalJean Elledge Dostal and Robert Dostal from the Class of 1966 – our wedding day June 18, 1966 (following graduation on June 6, 1966).
We are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary on June 18, 2016.

The Deacs in Love Brunch was fabulous!


Bob Dostal, Class of 1966